JNTU Exam Papers Computer Organization 2nd Sem Nov 2008

JNTU Exam Papers

Computer Organization 2nd Sem Nov 2008

Answer any FIVE Questions

All Questions carry equal marks


1. (a) Explain the terms compiler, linker, assembler, loader and describe how a C

program or any other high level language program is executed in a system. Indicate entire process with a figure.

(b) Distinguish between high level and low level languages?. What are the requirements for a good programming language? [16]


2. Design a circuit to increment, decrement, complement and clear a 4 bit register using RS flip-flops. Explain the control logic. [16]


3. (a) What are the major design considerations in microinstruction sequencing? [8]

(b) Explain about microinstruction sequencing techniques, specifically variable format address microinstruction. [8]


4. (a) How many bits are needed to store the result addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of two n-bit unsigned numbers. Prove. [8]

(b) What is overflow and underflow? What is the reason? If the computer is considered as infinite system do we still have these problems. [8]


5. (a) What is Redundant Array of Inexpensive Discs? What are the advantages of

using this kind of systems?

(b) Explain different levels of RAID. [8+8]


6. (a) What is daisy chaining? Explain with neat sketch.

(b) What is parallel priority interrupt method? Explain with neat sketch. [8+8]


7. (a) What is pipeline? Explain space-time diagram for Pipeline.

(b) Explain pipeline for floating point addition and subtraction. [8+8]


8. (a) Explain the working of 8 x 8 Omega Switching network.

(b) Explain the functioning of Binary Tree network with 2 x 2 Switches. Show a

neat sketch. [8+8]

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