JNTU Exam Papers, B.Tech IV Sem Supplimentary Examinations, DBMS,June 2007

 B.Tech IV Semester Supplementary Examinations, June 2007



1. Explain the different types of integrity constraints with suitable examples.

2. (a) Consider the following schema given. The primary keys are underlined.

Sailors(sailor-id, sailor-name, sailor-rating, sailor-age)

Boats(boat-id, boat-name, boat-color)

Reserves(sailor-id, boat-id, day)

Write the Nested queries in SQL.

i. Find the names of sailors who have reserved boat number 120

ii. Find the names of sailors who have reserved a green boat

iii. Find the names of sailors who have not reserved a green boat

iv. Find the names of sailors with the highest rating

(b) Explain the GROUP BY and HAVING clauses.

3. What are the techniques used to improve the performance of disks in RAID.

4. What is

(a) queryevaluation plan

(b) queryexecution engine

(c) catalog information about relations and indices

5. (a) Discuss the reasons for converting SQL queries into relational algebra queries before optimization is done.

(b) What is meant by query execution plan? Explain its significance.

6. (a) Explain why the PJNF is more desirable normal form than 4NF.

(b) Explain Domain Key Normal Form(DKNF) with example.

7. (a) What information does the dirty page table and transaction table contain?

(b) Give a short notes on recovery from deadlock.

8. (a) Describe how fuzzy check points are used in ARIES.

(b) What are the log sequence numbers in ARIES?

(c) Discuss WAL protocol

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