JNTU Exam Papers, B.Tech II Sem Supplimentary Examinations,DBMS,June 2007

 B.Tech  IV Sem Supplementary Examinations, June 2007



1. List and explain the various operations of Relational algebra.

2. (a) Consider the following schema Employee (employee-name, street, city) Works (employee-name, company-name, salary) Company (Company-name, city) Managers ( employee-name, manager-name) Write the following queries in SQL .

i. Find the names and cities of residence of all employees who work for first bank corporation.

ii. Find the names, Street address, and cities of residence of all employees who work for first Bank corporation and earn more than $10000.

iii. Find all employees in the database who live in the same cities and on the same streets as do their managers.

iv. Find all employees in the database who do not work for first Bank corporation.

(b) Describe about embedded SQL in examples.

3. (a) Which of the three basic file organizations would you choose for a file where the most frequent operations are as follows,

i. Search for records based on a range of field values.

ii. Perform insert and scans where the order of records does not matter.

iii. Search for a record based on a particular field value.

(b) Define dense index.

(c) How does multi level indexing improve the performance of searching an index file.

4. (a) Discuss in detail the steps involved in processing a query.

(b) Explain any one of the algorithms for computing the join of relations.

5. Discuss different types of parameters that are used in cost functions. Where is this information kept?

6. (a) Construct an E-R diagram for university registrar’s office. The office maintains data about each class, including the instructor, the enrollment and the time and place of the class meetings. For each student class pair, a grade is recorded. Determine the entities and relationships that exist between the entities. Also construct the tabular representation of the entities and relationships.

(b) What is an entity type? What is an entityset? Explain the difference between the entity, entity type and entityset?

7. (a) Explain the concept of log based recovery.

(b) Briefly explain why recovery is needed.

8. Explain in detail the ARIES recovery method.

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