JNTU B Tech 1st year Syllabus for CSE Electrical and Electronics lab

JNTU CSE Electrical and Electronics lab Syllabus


I Year B. Tech CSE T P C


1. Serial and Parallel Resonance – Timing, Resonant frequency, Bandwidth and Q-factor determination for RLC network.
2. Time response of first order RC/RL network for periodic non-sinusoidal inputs – time constant and steady state error determination.
3. Two port network parameters – Z-Y Parameters, chain matrix and analytical verification.
4. Verification of Superposition and Reciprocity theorems.
5. Verification of maximum power transfer theorem. Verification on DC, verification on AC with
Resistive and Reactive loads.
6. Experimental determination of Thevenin’s and Norton’s equivalent circuits and verification by direct test.
7. Magnetization characteristics of D.C. Shunt generator. Determination of critical field resistance.
8. Swinburne’s Test on DC shunt machine (Predetermination of efficiency of a given DC Shunt machine working as motor and generator).
9. Brake test on DC shunt motor. Determination of performance Characteristics.
10. OC & SC tests on Single-phase transformer (Predetermination of efficiency and regulation at given power factors and determination of equivalent circuit).
11. Brake test on 3-phase Induction motor (performance characteristics).
12. Regulation of alternator by synchronous impedance method

1. Identification, Specifications and Testing of R, L, C Components (colour codes), Potentiometers, Switches (SPDT, DPDT and DIP), Coils, Gang Condensers, Relays, Bread Boards. Identification and Specifications of active devices, Diodes, BJTs, Lowpower JFETs, MOSFETs, LEDs, LCDs, SCR, UJT, Linear and Digital ICs.
2. PN Junction Diode Characteristics (Forward bias, Reverse bias)
3. Zener Diode Characteristics
4. Transistor CE Characteristics (Input and Output)
5. Rectifier without Filters (Full wave & Half wave)
6. Rectifier with Filters (Full wave & half wave)
7. SCR Characteristics
8. FET Characteristics
9. CE and CC Amplifier
10. Feedback Amplifier (Voltage Series/Current series)
11. RC Phase Shift Oscillator
12. Hartely/Colpitts Oscillator

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