JNTU, BTech,I-Semester,CELL BIOLOGY, November 2008

JNTU, B.Tech,I-Semester,CELL BIOLOGY, November 2008




1. Draw a neat labelled diagram of the following:

(a) Structure of bacterial cell.

(b) Structure of animal cell.

(c) Structure of plant cell.

(d) Structure of any virus. [4+4+4+4]


2. List and describe the passive and active processes used by the plasma membrane

to maintain homeostasis of the cell. [4+12]


3. Describe the general organization of the nuclear pore complex. [4+12]


4. Describe with a neat-labeled diagram the structure and functions of chloroplast.



5. Contrast the end results of meiosis with those of mitosis. Define the differences.



6. Define cell differentiation and morphological differentiation. [8+8]


7. Write short notes on:

(a) Chemo taxis.

(b) Tumbling motion.

(c) Smooth swimming motion.

(d) Receptor triggered phosphoryktion. [4+4+4+4]

8. Where are the receptor molecules present over the plasma membrane? Write their

function. [8+8]



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