JNTU, B.Tech,I-Semester, MICROBIOLOGY, November 2008

JNTU, B.Tech,I-Semester, MICROBIOLOGY, November 2008




1. What are Koch’s postulates? How are they helpful in development of medical



2. How PCR technique is useful in classifying bacteria.


3. Describe with suitable examples viruses of Arthropods.


4. Explain the replication pathways of a bacteriophage.


5. Define assay. Explain various types of viral assays.


6. What are nutrients and on what basis are they divided into macroelements and

micronutrients or trace elements? Describe some ways in which macroelements

and micronutrients are used by an organism.


7. Write short notes on:

(a) Acid-fast staining.

(b) Flagellar staining.

(c) Spore staining.

(d) Differential staining


8. Discuss about the commonly used antimicrobial drugs and their uses.



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