JNTU PAPERS, B-Tech,I- Semester, Cell Biology, November 2008


JNTU, B.Tech,I- Semester

,  Cell Biology, November 2008



1. What are the basic properties of any living cell?


2. Describe three functions of microtubules and microfilament. Compare and contrast

microtubule assembly and intermediate filament assembly.


3. What is the function of Peroxisomes? Where are they present?


4. Give an overview of the various types of transport proteins which help in transport

across Plasma membrane.


5. What happens during interphase? What structure cannot be seen in interphase

but can be seen in prophase?


6. How are blood cells formed through stem cell concept?


7. Discuss about the receptors that bind to DNA.


8. Give a detailed account of the action of steroid hormones on cells.

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