JNTU B.Tech Semester Examinations, UNIX PROGRAMMING, Aug/Sep 2008

JNTU III B.Tech Semester Supplimentary Examinations, Aug/Sep 2008


( Common to Computer Science & Engineering and Information Technology )



1. (a) Explain the significance of the following commands.

i. ls – ld

ii. ls – l.

(b) Give a note on vi editor.


2. (a) How to remove duplicate lines from a file using sort?

(b) How to count the number of ordinary files in home directory tree?

(c) Select lines 5 to 10 of a file in two ways.


3. (a) Write a shell script which reports names and sizes of all files in a directory (directory would be supplied as an argument to the shell script) whose size is exceeding 1000 bytes. The filename should be printed in descending order of their sizes. The total number of such files should also be reported.

(b) Write a C program to search for the word ‘exam’ in a given file, using Command line arguments.


4. (a) What is metacharacter? List and explain about any 7 metacharacters available

in unix.

(b) Write a shell script which will receive either the filename or the filename with it’s full path during execution.this script should obtain information about this file as given by ls – l and display in proper format.


5. (a) Write about ulink system call and give an example.

(b) Write about write system call and illustrate with an example.


6. Explain process creation and process termination in detail.


7. Write and explain locking routines using a create( ) system call.


8. Explain the concept of IPC between two processes on a single system. Give Example.

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