JNTU Previous Question Papers-Physical Chemistry-May/Jun 2008

JNTU Previous Question papers

Physical Chemistry




1. State Nernst distribution law. Derive the expression and state its limitations.

2. Draw the phase diagram of a two component system. Explain the behaviour and special feature of such systems.

3. What is the experimental basis for the existence of activated complex ? How will you determine energy of activation.

4. (a) Explain in detail the coagulating effect of electrolytes.

(b) Explain in detail the sedimentation potential of electrolytes.

5. (a) Classify the Electrolytes

(b) Explain Electrolysis process.

6. Describe a method for measuring e.m.f’s of a Galvanic cell. How can this method be used for measuring potentials of single electrodes?

7. Discuss and explain the mechanism and kinetics of enzyme catalyzed reactions.

8. Explain with neat diagram of voltammograms and their industrial applications.

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