JNTU B Tech ii Semester Examinations, Steel Making, Apr/May 2008


JNTU B.Tech II Semester Examinations, , Steel Making Apr/May 2008

(Metallurgy & Material Technology)

Time: 3 hours Max Marks: 80

Answer any FIVE Questions

All Questions carry equal marks


1. Discuss in detail about the following type of raw materials used in steel making:

(a) Oxidising agents

(b) Fluxes

(c) Source of heat

(d) Furnace refractories. [4+4+4+4]


2. Write short notes about the following:

(a) Ladle degassing

(b) Cementation process

(c) Triplex process. [5+5+6]


3. Compare and contrast acid bessemer process of steel making and basic besser process of steel making giving the details of composition of pig iron used, refractories

used, composition of slags produced. advantages and limitations of the process etc. (Also give the sketches of the converters) [16]


4. (a) What is slopping in LD process? What is its purpose? Explain.

(b) Bring out the similarities between BISRA process and IRSID process of steel making. [6+10]


5. Write short notes on :

(a) Electrodes

(b) Transformers and power ratings and consumption.

(c) Electrode support assembly [5+5+6]


6. (a) Describe bottom teeming.

(b) What are the advantages and limitations of bottom teeming? [8+8]


7. (a) Describe ladle degassing with gas stirring and arc heating.

(b) What is the gas content in ladle degassing and summary of ladle degassing processes. [8+8]


8. Write short notes on the following used in continuous casting of steel making :

(a) Molten steel handling system

(b) Tundish

(c) Mould [4+6+6]

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