JNTU, B-Tech I Semester Applied Chemistry And Bio Chemistry,,November 2008

                                                                                                            JNTU PAPERS

                                                                         JNTU, B.Tech I Semester,

                                                         Applied Chemistry And Bio Chemistry,

                                                                                November 2008

                                                                        (Bio-Medical Engineering)



1. (a) What are electrode potentials? How are they useful?

(b) Write briefly on the glass electrode.

(c) How do you calculate the standard emf of the cell. Show with an example.


2. (a) What is crepe rubber? How is it made?

(b) Explain the compounding and fabrication of rubber.


3. (a) What are the requirements for use of water for drinking purpose and for steam

boiler feed purpose? What are the problems? Explain.

(b) How Scales are formed in boilers and how do you prevent them.


4. (a) Differentiate between prokaryotic and eukouyotic cells with suitable examples.

(b) Explain the composition or cell walls of prokaryotic cells.


5. (a) How an enzyme is extracted and purified from a living cell?

(b) Define the unit of enzyme activity. How can you explain the purification of an enzyme?


6. What is oxidative deamination? Describe the fate of aminoacids after their absorption.


7. Write a short note on:

(a) Electrolyte status of the patients.

(b) Acid base balance.

(c) Zone Electrophoresis.


8. Explain how blood biochemical analysis helps in confirmation of diseases.


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