JNTU B Tech 1st Year Syllabus for CSE Applied Physics

JNTU B Tech 1st Year Syllabus for CSE Applied Physics


I Year B. Tech CSE T P C




BONDING IN SOLIDS : Introduction – Types of bonding in solids – Estimation of cohesive energy – Madelung constant.

CRYSTAL STRUCTURES AND X-RAY DIFFRACTION: Introduction -Space lattice – Basis – Unit cell – Lattice parameter – Bravais lattices – Crystal systems – Structure and packing fractions of Simple cubic – Body centered cubic – Face centered cubic crystals – Directions and planes in crystals – Miller indices – Separation between successive [h k l] planes – Diffraction of X-rays by crystal planes – Bragg’s law – Laue method – Powder method.


PRINCIPLES OF QUANTUM MECHANICS: Waves and particles – Planck’s quantum theory – de Broglie hypothesis – Matter waves – Davisson and Germer experiment – G. P. Thomson experiment – Heisenberg uncertainty principle – Schrödinger’s time independent wave equation – Physical significance of the wave function – Particle in one dimensional potential box.


ELECTRON THEORY OF METALS: Classical free electron theory – Mean free path – Relaxation time and drift velocity – Quantum free electron theory – Fermi-Dirac distribution (analytical) and its dependence on temparature – Fermi energy – Electron scattering and resistance.

BAND THEORY OF SOLIDS: Bloch theorem – Kronig-Penney model (qualitative treatment) – Origin of energy band formation in solids – Classification of materials into conductors, semi conductors & insulators – Concept of effective mass of an electron.

DIELECTRIC PROPERTIES: Introduction – Dielectric constant – Electronic, ionic and orientational polarizations – Internal fields in solids – Clausius – Mossotti equation – Dielectrics in alternating fields – Frequency dependence of the polarizability – Ferro and Piezo electricity.

MAGNETIC PROPERTIES : Permeability – Magnetization – Origin of magnetic moment – Classification of magnetic materials – Dia, para and ferro magnetism – Hysteresis curve – Soft and hard magnetic materials.


SEMICONDUCTORS : Introduction – Intrinsic semiconductor and carrier concentration – Equation for conductivity – Extrinsic semiconductor and carrier concentration – Drift and diffusion – Einstein’s equation – Hall effect – Direct & indirect band gap semiconductors.

SUPERCONDUCTIVITY: General properties – Meissner effect – Penetration depth – Type I and Type II superconductors – Flux quantization – DC and AC Josephson effect –BCS Theory – Applications of superconductors.


LASERS: Introduction – Characteristics of Lasers – Spontaneous and stimulated emission of radiation – Einstein’s coefficients – Population inversion – Ruby laser – Helium-Neon Laser – CO2 laser -Semiconductor Laser – Applications of lasers.

FIBER OPTICS AND HOLOGRAPHY: Introduction – Principle of optical fiber – Acceptance angle and acceptance cone – Numerical aperture – Types of optical fibers and refractive index profiles – Attenuation in optical fibers – Application of optical fibers – Basic principles of holography – Construction and reconstruction of image on hologram – Applications of holography.

SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY OF NANOMATERIALS: Introduction to Nano materials – Basic principles of Nanoscience & Technology – Fabrication of nano materials – Physical & chemical properties of nanomaterials – Carbon nanotubes – Applications of nanotechnology.

1. Applied Physics 2nd edition by Dr. P. Appala Naidu & Dr. M. Chandra Shekar, V.G.S. Book links.
2. Introduction to Solid State Physics by C. Kittel ; Wiley Eastern Ltd.
3. Nanotechnology by Mark Ratner and Daniel Ratner; Pearson Education.

1. Materials Science and Engineering by V. Raghavan; Prentice-Hall India.
2. Materials Science by M. Arumugam; Anuradha Agencies.
3. Solid State Physics by N.W. Ashcroft & N. David Merwin; Thomson Learning.
4. Materials Science by M.S.Vijaya & G. Rangarajan; Tata McGraw Hill.
5. Solid State Physics by P.K. Palanisamy; Scitech Publications (India) Pvt. Ltd.
6. Nano Materials by A.K. Bandyopadhyay, New Age International Publishers.
7. Applied Physics by P.K.Mittal; I.K. International.
8. Applied Physics by K. Vijay Kumar & T. Sreekanth; S. Chand & Company Ltd.

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