Image Processing Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar

Image Processing Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar


EC-453 Image Processing [3 0 0 3]


Image representation – Gray scale and colour Images, image sampling and quantization
Two dimensional orthogonal transforms – DFT, FFT, WHT, Haar transform, KLT, DCT
Image enhancement – filters in spatial and frequency domains, histogram-based processing, homomorphic filtering.
Edge detection – non parametric and model based approaches, LOG filters, localisation problem


Image Restoration- PSF, circulant and block- circulant matrices, deconvolution, restoration using inverse filtering, Wiener filtering and maximum entropy-based methods.
Mathematical morphology – binary morphology, dilation, erosion, opening and closing, duality relations, gray scale morphology, applications such as hit-and-miss transform, thinning and shape decomposition.
Computer tomography – parallel beam projection, Radon transform, and its inverse, Back-projection operator, Fourier-slice theorem, CBP and FBP methods, ART, Fan beam projection.


Image communication – JPEG, MPEGs and H.26x standards, packet video, error concealment.
Image texture analysis – co-occurence matrix, measures of textures, statistical models for textures.
Hough Transform, boundary detection, chain coding, and segmentation, thresholding methods.

Books Recommended

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2. Arthur R. Weeks, Jr, “Fundamental of Electronic Image Processing”, Prentice Hall of India, (2003).
3. Anil K Jain, “Fundamental of Digital Image Processing”, Prentice Hall of India, (2001).
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5. A. Rosenfold and A.C. Kak, Digital Image Processing, Vol1 and 2 , PHI
6. H.C. Andrew and B.R.Hunt, Digital Image Retoration, PHI

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