Image Processing ElectiveII Question Papers Andhra University

 Image Processing (Elective-II) Question papers Andhra


B. Tech (CSE) Degree Examination

Forth Year – Second Semester


Effective from the admitted batch of 2004-2005

Time: 3 hrs
Max Marks: 70

First Question is Compulsory

Answer any four from the remaining questions

All Questions carry equal marks

Answer all parts of any question at one place

1. a) Define connectivity. (14)
b) Define sampling.
c) Define quantization.
d) Define noise of an image
e) Define Walsh transform.
f) Explain compression due to quantization.
g) How do you represent an image in frequency domain?

2. Give an Algorithm for FFT. (14)

3. a) How do you Acquire an image Explain in detail. (9)
b) Define and explain image sliding and image stretching. (5)

4. a) Define and explain lowpass filters in brief. (7)
b) Define and edge. Explain various edge enhancement filters. (7)

5. a) Define prewitt filter. (5)
b) Explam in detail “Homomorphie filter”. (9)

6. a) Explain compression at the time of Image Transmission. (5)
b) Explain about standardization in image compression (9)

7. a) Explain split and merge technique for segmentation. (5)
b) Define and explain thresholding. (4)
c) Explain segmentation by PIXEL based methods. (5)

8. a) Define Erosion and Dilation. (5)
b) Explain how the morphological operations may be extended to gray scale images. (5)
c) Explain “Skeletanization” in detail. (5)

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