JNTU Exam Papers II B.Tech. I Semester Regular Examinations, PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY November -2008

II B.Tech. I Semester Regular Examinations, November -2008
 Common to Mechanical Engineering,Mechatronics and Automobile Engineering


1. (a) What do yoy mean by the term ‘casting’? Mention its advantages and disadvantages.
(b) Enumerate the various types of commonly used patterns and mention their applications.
(c) State the typical applications of casting process as used in automobile sector.

2. (a) What purpose is served by the risers in sand casting? Explain the principles of design of risers.
(b) With the help of a diagram, explain the working of a Cupola.
3. (a) What is flux? Why is it essential to use in some welding situations?
(b) Explain the principle of operation of resistance welding, types and applications.
4. (a) What is friction welding? What are its applications?
(b) Explain the heat affected zones in welding. How do you reduce heat affected zones in welding?
5. (a) What is meant by strain hardening? Sketch and explain the variation of mechanical properties during strain hardening.
(b) Explain the various rolling processes and variety of products obtained in rolling.
6. (a) Differentiate between shallow and deep drawing? What is the effect of blank holding force in deep drawing?
(b) What are the types of drawing? Sketch the types (rod, wire and tube) and mention their processing parameters.
7. (a) What is extrustion ratio? What is its value for aluminium and steel products and cold and hot extrusion processes?
(b) Discuss the types of forging and mention their applications.
8. (a) What are thermoplastic materials? How do they differ from thermosetting materials?

b) What are the characteristics/properties of plastics which make them suitable for number of applications?

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