JNTU Exam Papers II B.Tech. I Semester Regular Examinations, PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY November -2008

II B.Tech. I Semester Regular Examinations, November -2008
 Common to Mechanical Engineering,Mechatronics and Automobile Engineering


1. (a) Explain briefly with neat sketches the ‘mould making’ process.
(b) Why casting is preferred over other manufacturing methods? Discuss.
(c) Explain the function of chaplets used in foundry.
2. (a) What precautions should one take while choosing chills?
(b) Name few special casting processes and mention their applications.
(c) Differentiate between crucible melting and cupola operation.
3. (a) What is filler metal? Explain its importance in welding, giving its composition.
(b) Explain the forge welding process and its applications.
(c) Explain the cutting of ferrous and non ferrous metals.
4. (a) Explain the relationship between the shielding gas used and the type of metal transfer occurring in GMAW process.
(b) Explain the principle of operation of laser welding. Mention its applications.
5. (a) Sketch and explain the types of rolling mills and mention their specific applications.
(b) How do you estimate torque and power in rolling? Explain.
6. (a) Explain cold and hot spinning and their applications.
(b) How do you provide clearances in blanking and piercing operations?
(c) Derive an expression for minimum diameter of piercing?
7. (a) What is rotary forging and what is its applications?
(b) Sketch and explain impact and hydrostatic extrusion processes and their advantages.
(c) What is machine forging and mention its applications?
8. (a) How are plastics classified? Explain.
(b) What is blow moulding? Explain with the help of a neat sketch.
(c) What are compounding materials? Explain.

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