ICSI Previous Question papers English and Business Communication Dec 2011

ICSI Previous Question papers

English and Business Communication

Dec 2011

Time allowed : 3 hours

Maximum marks : 100
Total number of questions : 6
NOTE : Answer all questions.
1. (a) Write an essay of about 300 words on any one of the following :
(i) Women entrepreneurs
(ii) e-Banking
(iii) Public Private Partnership.
(10 marks)
(b) Make a précis of the following passage in about one-third of its length and suggest a
suitable title (Use précis-sheet given at the end of the answer book) :
The business cycle or trade cycle is a permanent feature of market economies. Gross
Domestic Product (GDP) fluctuates as booms and recessions succeed each other. During
a boom, an economy expands to the point where it is working to its full capacity so that
production, employment, prices, profits and investment rates all tend to rise. During a
recession, the demand for goods and services decline and economy begins to work below
its potential. Output, profits, commodities and share prices generally fall. A long-lasting
recession is called a slump or depression.
The highest point in a business cycle is called a peak which is followed by a downturn,
downswing or a period of attrition. The lowest point is called a trough which is followed
by a recovery, upturn or upswing.
There are internal and external theories to explain the business cycle. Internal theories
consider it to be self-generating, regular and infinitely repeating. When economic times are
good, people spend more, run up debts, take loans. When interest rates are high, people
start consuming less, save more and do not borrow. This results in the demand becoming
less, production slowing down and the downturn beginning.
External theories suggest that scientific advancements, natural disasters, economic and
political changes trigger an upswing or downswing. These theories look for explanation
outside of economic activity. Over regular periods of time, the business cycle changes in
keeping with ambient circumstances. Sooner or later at every point of economic growth,
when demand is high, prices can be easily put up and profits are increasing – employees
will begin to demand higher wages and salaries. As a result, employers will either reduce
investment or start to downsize employees and a downturn will begin.
English and Business Communication

As far back as the nineteenth century, people believed that business cycle resulted from
people infecting one another with optimistic or pessimistic expectations. When the times
are good they invest and spend, when times are bad they save. Another practical theory
of business cycle suggests that it is caused by business oriented governments beginning
their periods of office with a couple of years of austerity programmes followed by tax cuts
and monetary expansion in two years before the next election.
(363 words)
(8+2 marks)
2. (a) Attempt the following as directed against each :
(i) I am tired he replied however I will complete the work. (Punctuate the sentence.)
(ii) You must abide the rules. (Fill-in the blank space using
appropriate preposition.)
(iii) Both the brothers, Ketan and Chetan are intelligent but the later is highly educated.
(Replace the underlined word with the correct word.)
(iv) His speech was broadcasted yesterday. (Correct the sentence.)
(v) After the accident, Bhanu remained in a state of for five days.
(Fill-in the blank space using correct word –– comma/coma.)
(vi) It is a great house however it is very far from the town. (Punctuate the sentence.)
(vii) The candidates will be interviewed between 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Replace the underlined
word with the correct word.)
(viii) He is very good Tennis. (Use a suitable preposition.)
(ix) Please do not make adverse . (Fill-in the blank space using correct
word –– comments/remarks.)
(x) After sometime Charu stopped to work. (Correct the sentence.)
(1 mark each)
(b) Write the most appropriate answer from the given options in respect of the following :
(i) One who calculates insurance and annuity premium ––
(a) Investor
(b) Insurer
(c) Actuary
(d) Atheist.
(ii) The process by which green plants prepare their own food is known as —
(a) Photosynthesis
(b) Symbiosis
(c) Perspiration
(d) Biochemistry.

(iii) Putting to death painlessly especially to end suffering is called —
(a) Genocide
(b) Euthanasia
(c) Megalomania
(d) Dilemma.
(iv) The term topography means —
(a) Nature of settlements
(b) Nature of land
(c) Nature of water bodies
(d) Nature of mines.
(v) A thing that is fit to be eaten is known as ––
(a) Versatile
(b) Popular
(c) Edible
(d) Inedible.
(1 mark each)
3. (a) Make sentences of your own using the following pair of words to bring out their meanings :
(i) Suit — Suite
(ii) Umpire –– Empire
(iii) Peace –– Piece.
(2 marks each)
(b) Make sentences of your own using the following words/phrases/idioms to bring out their
meanings :
(i) Look into
(ii) To lose the day
(iii) In the nick of time.
(1 mark each)
(c) Words have different meanings in different contexts/situations. Make sentences of your
own using the following words to bring out their two different meanings :
(i) Table
(ii) Light
(iii) Mind.
(2 mark each)


4. (a) State, with reasons in brief, whether the following statements are true or false. Attempt any five :
(i) Silence is not a means of communication.
(ii) Verbal communication can be either oral or written.
(iii) Group decisions are always good.
(iv) Only one standard format is there in which a business letter can be written.
(v) Written communication is not a creative activity.
(vi) It is the sole responsibility of the sender of the message to overcome external barriers
to communication.
(vii) Communication is a one way process.
(2 marks each)
(b) Explain the following with reference to the essentials of an effective business letter :
(i) Conversational style
(ii) ‘You’ attitude
(iii) Persuasion
(iv) Positive language
(v) Care for culture.
(2 marks each)
Write a letter to the Managing Director of a company, which is engaged in supply of cooking
gas for domestic use through pipeline laid by the company, pointing out deficiency in service.
(10 marks)
5. Attempt any three of the following :
(i) Draft a public notice to the effect that Rahul is no longer associated with the company.
(Assume facts.)
(ii) Draft an advertisement for recruitment of ‘Assistant Company Secretary’.
(iii) Draft a reply to a shareholder who complained about non-receipt of balance sheet.
(iv) Draft a message on behalf of all officers and staff (Sales Department) wishing the Managing
Director of the company for success on his business tour.
(5 marks each)
6. Attempt any three of the following :
(i) Draft a letter (body only) requesting the postal authorities for allotment of a Post Box No.
(ii) Draft a letter (body only) complaining excessive telephone billing.
(iii) Write a letter to the Manager of Be-Happy bank seeking confirmation of a letter of credit
bearing No.SBL0120-75569-89-2011 so as to enable your banker to discount the bill
under bill purchase scheme.
(iv) Anurag has requested the management of your company to sanction him two years’ study
leave for joining IIM, Lucknow for pursuing MBA in Human Resource Management on
full time basis. Draft a suitable reply as a Manager (HR).
(5 marks each)

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