GTU Syllabus BE 3rd Sem Textile Production Engineering

Gujarat Technological University

 Scouring and Bleaching I


B.E Semester: 3
Textile Production

Subject Code 132803



Sr.No Course contents

1. Inspection of goods, pretreatment of goods.

2. Importance of shearing -cropping and singeing of goods.

3. Description of deferent types of singeing machines and shearing-croppingmachines.

4. Desizing – different methods and chemicals – merits and demerits.

5. Scouring of white goods and coloured goods.

6. Bleaching of cotton textiles using sodium hypochlorite, per acetic acid ,
hydrogen peroxide, etc.

7. Scouring & Bleaching of cotton by conventional as well as continuous
methods in rope form and open width.

8. Damage during Scouring and Bleaching, formation of oxycellulose,
hydrocellulose, copper number, cuprammonium fluidity, absorbancy,
whiteness and whiteness retention, Principles and applications of optical
brightening agents on various textile fibres, recent developments in
methods and machinery.

Reference Books:
1. Technology Of Bleaching – Shenai V.A.
2. Textile Scouring & Bleaching – Trotman E.R.
3. Textile Chemistry Vol. II – Peters

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