GTU Syllabus BE-5th Sem Plastic Technology Entrepreneurship and Creativity

Gujarat Technological University Syllabus

Entrepreneurship and Creativity

B.E Semester: IV

Plastic Technology

Subject Code 142303
Subject Name Entrepreneurship and Creativity

Sr.No Course Contents
1 The Entrepreneurial Development Perspective
1. Concepts of Entrepreneurship Development

2. Evolution of the concept of Entrepreneur

3. Entrepreneur Vs. Intrapreneur, Entrepreneur Vs. Entrepreneurship,
Entrepreneur Vs. Manager
4. Attributes and Characteristics of a successful Entrepreneur
5. Role of Entrepreneur in Indian economy and developing economies with
reference to Self-Employment Development
6. Entrepreneurial Culture

2 Creating Entrepreneurial Venture
1. Business Planning Process
2. Environmental Analysis – Search and Scanning
3. Identifying problems and opportunities
4. Defining Business Idea
5. Basic Government Procedures to be complied with

3 Project Management

1. Technical, Financial, Marketing, Personnel and Management Feasibility
2. Estimating and Financing funds requirement – Schemes offered by
various commercial banks and financial institutions like IDBI, ICICI,
3. Venture Capital Funding
4 Entrepreneurship Development and Government
1. Role of Central Government and State Government in promoting
Entrepreneurship – Introduction to various incentives, subsidies and
grants – Export Oriented Units – Fiscal and Tax concessions available
2. Role of following agencies in the Entrepreneurship Development –
District Industries Centers (DIC), Small Industries Service Institute (SISI),
Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII), National Institute
of Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development
(NIESBUD), National Entrepreneurship Development Board (NEDB)
5 Why do Entrepreneurs fail – The FOUR Entrepreneurial Pitfalls (Peter
6 Women Entrepreneurs
1. Reasons for Low / No Women Entrepreneurs
2. Role, Problems and Prospects
7 Case studies of Successful Entrepreneurial Ventures,
Failed Entrepreneurial Ventures and Turnaround Ventures
Reference Books:
1. Entrepreneurship: New Venture Creation – David H. Holt
2. Entrepreneurship – Hisrich Peters
3. The Culture of Entrepreneurship – Brigitte Berger
4. Project Management – K. Nagarajan
5. Dynamics of Entrepreneurship Development – Vasant Desai
6. Entrepreneurship Development – Dr. P.C.Shejwalkar
7. Thought Leaders – Shrinivas Pandit
8. Entrepreneurship, 3rd Ed. – Steven Brandt
9. Business Gurus Speak – S.N.Chary
10. The Entrepreneurial Connection – Gurmit Narula

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