GTU Syllabus-BE-4th Sem-Plastic Technology-Plastic Industrial Hydraulics and Pneumatics

 Gujarat Technological University

Plastic Industrial Hydraulics and Pneumatics Syllabus

B.E Semester: IV
Plastic Technology
Subject Code 142302


Subject Name Plastic Industrial Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Sr.No Course contents
1 General Hydraulics: Introduction – Pascal’s law – Advantages and
Disadvantages of hydraulic systems – Requirements of hydraulic oil
-Maintenance of hydraulic oils: Heat exchanges, Filters and Strainers etc.
-Reservoir design criteria – Principle hydraulic jack – Pipes, Packing and
2 Hydraulic Pumps and Motors: Various types of pumps and motors like
Gear type,Piston type ,(radial &axial),Vane type (intra vane etc.) – Selection
criteria for a specific application like Injection molding machines,
Extrution,Blow molding etc. – Working principles and
Performance.Definitations like Vol. efficiency, Rating (Temp. And pressure);
3 Hydraulic valves: Types – Classification – Details of pressure control –
Flow control ; Methods of flow control, Meter in, Meter out, Bleed off, Flow
control valves like pressure compensated and non pressure compensated in
detail with applications.
Directional control valves; One way (check valves) of various types inline,
right angle, restriction, pilot operated etc., two way valves rotary type, spool
type, operating controls, spool central conditions, deceleration valves.
Pressure controls – relief valves of types simple and compound, venting and
relief valves, unloading valves, sequence valves and its applications, counter
balance valve, brake valve, pressure reducing valves like direct acting and
pilot operated etc.
Principles of operation – Application in molding machines.
4 Accumulators and Pressure Intensifiers: Types like weight loaded, spring
loaded, gas charge with and without separator, piston type – with advantages
and limitations and applications – intensifiers – its purpose, type like single
acting and double acting, applications with various circuits.
5 Servo valves:- Introduction – Construction and its mechanism -Its application
in industries
6 Compressor:-Classification-Working principle &
construction-Troubleshooting and maintenance
7 FRL Unit:- Types of FRL unit – Working principle, construction-Application
8 Pneumatics Tubing & piping for Pneumatics- Pneumatics circuits-Application
of Pneumatics in plastic processing equipments.
9 Symbols for Hydraulic elements and Various types of Hydraulic Circuits –
Deceleration circuit, Flow control circuit, Prefill circuit, Injection & clamp
control circuit etc.
10 hydraculics, Differences with on-off Hyd. – valves-circuits etc.
Reference Books:
1. Industrial Hydraulics manual by Vickers
2. Hydraulics vol. 1 & 2 by Rexroth
3. Injection molding, theory & practice – I. V. Rubin.

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