GTU Syllabus BE-3rd Sem Environment Engineering Environmental Microbiology

Gujarat Technological University

Environmental Microbiology Syllabus


B.E Semester: 3

Environment Engineering

Subject Code 131302
Subject Name Environmental Microbiology


Sr.No Course content
1. Introduction to microbiology :
Scope of microbiology, Structure and classification of microbes, Role of
microbes in human life and environment, Prokaryotic cell, Cytoplasm of
2. Basic methods in microbiology :
Microscopic methods, Techniques of sterilization, Media preparation,
Isolation and inoculation, direct observation and staining techniques,
Maintenance and preservation of cultures.
3. Microscope and Microscopy
4. Prokaryotes and Viruses :
Brief description about Bacteria and Viruses and their role and importance
in Environment.
5. Eukaryotes :
Brief description about protozoa, algae and fungi and their role and
importance in Environment.
6. Microorganisms and Human diseases :
Diseases caused by bacteria, fungi and protozoa.
7. Microorganisms in Environment, Industry and Food :
Soil microorganisms, microorganisms in aquatic habitats, microorganisms
and pollution, microorganism in sewage, fermentation processes, products
of industrial fermentation, Role of Microbes in Bioremediation.
8. Control of microbes :
Principles of control of microbes, uses of physical agents and chemical
Reference Books:
1. Microbiology – by Pelczar and Ried
2. Environmental Microbiology – by Ralph Mitchell
3. Introduction to Microbiology – by A.S.Rao
4. Textbook of Environemntal Microbiology by Pradipta K. Mohapatra
5. Environmental Microbiology by Banwarilal
6. Environmental Microbiology by Manish L. Shrivastva.

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