GTU Syllabus B Tech 3rd Sem Organic Chemistry and Unit Processes

Gujarat Technological University

Organic Chemistry and Unit Processes Syllabus

B.E Semester: III
Plastic Technology
Subject Code 130501


Subject Name Organic Chemistry and Unit Processes
Sr.No Course Contents
1 Petroleum and Natural gas
Occurrence- Composition of crude oil- Distillation of the crude oilcracking-
anti Cracking- knocking octane number- cetane number- synthetic
2 Colour dyes and Pigments
Introduction – colour and constitution- modern theory of colour – Dyes –
Classification- Application- Pigments and application
3 Organic reactions and Mechanisms :
Types of organic reactions- nucleophylic and Electro phylic reaction and
mechanisms- Addition, substitution, nitration sulphonation, halogenations,
oxidation reaction and Biochemical reactions and their mechanisms
4 Introduction to various Unit Processes such as Nitration, Amination,
Hydrogenation, Halogenations, Oxidation, Reduction, Sulphonation and
Sulphation, Hydrolysis, Alkylation ,polymerization etc
5 Isomerism- stereochemistry- chemistry of compound which have asymmetric
carbon- geometrical isomerism in tartaric acid, glycol, valaric acid etc.
6 Carboxylic acid :
Introduction- use in diff. Reactions and manufacture process- acetic acid,
Formic acid, Oxalic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid conversion of carbocyclic
acid from diff. Compound and reactions. Resonance in carboxylic acidmeasurement
of strength of acid with examples- Esters- Acetic ester
manufacture process- properties and uses and its importance in certain
7 Arkyl Halide :-
Manufacture process, properties and uses grisnard reagents, TEL etc.
8 Chemistry of Organic Compounds
Chloroform, Ethyl alcohols, Acetone, Acetic anhydride, Formaldehyde, Poly
ethylene etc
9 Carbohydrate Introduction- classification and Chemical reactions of nano,
oligo and poly saccharide, Manu process of Glucose, sugar, starch.
Conversion- Higher aldose to lower aldose, lower to higher aldose, aldose to
icetose, icetose to aldose etc.
10 Aromatic Compound: Manu process, properties and uses, phenol, Amine,
Thiols,soaps and detergents
11 Application of following reactions with mechanism canizaro, stobe, pericin,
retromatasky. Michael Dickmann, welf kishners, and lucard reactions.
12 Polynuclear aromatic compound : Naphthalene and its derivatives,
sulfonation aminofication of Nephthalene.
13 Chemistry of tatrocyclic compound : Five member ring, six member ring
14 Chemistry of Benzene; Isolation; Structure; Chemical Reactions; Properties
and uses
15 Synthetic and Natural organic polymers: Properties of polymer, Synthetic
Organic polymer Proteins, Nucleic acid- other examples
16 Introduction to various Unit Processes such as Nitration, Amination,
Hydrogenation, Halogenation, Oxidation, Reduction, Sulphonation and
Sulphation, Hydrolysis, Alkylation etc
Reference Books:
1. Organic Chemistry vol. –2 By I. L. Finar
2. Organic Chemistry- Hendroson and Hamannd
3. Organic Chemistry- Morrison-Boyd
4. Organic Chemistry- Fisher & Fisher
5. Organic Chemistry- P. L. Soni
6. Unit Processes in Organic synthesis by P.H. Groggins

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