GTU Syllabus B Tech 3rd Sem Introduction to Mining

Gujarat Technological University

Introduction to Mining Syllabus

B.E Semester: 3
Mining Engineering
Subject Code 132201


Subject Name Introduction To Mining
Sr.No Course contents
1. Significance of Mining Industry, History of Mining, Mining & Socio-Economic
2. Mining and Surface Environment, Health and Safety.
3. Mineral Resource of Gujarat & India, Mineral and energy resources of word,
Terminology in Mining.
4. Basis Concepts of University Mining, Mining methods for coal and non-coal
deposits, Elementary ideas about Surface Mining, Comparison of
underground and surface mining.
5. Prospecting & Exploration- Reconnaissance, Principles and methods-
Trenching & Pitting. Boring: Principles of boring; surface layout; method of
percussive, rotary, (drilling), properties of drilling muds, Core recovery:
Interpretation of borehole data, borehole logging, difficult boring, directional
drilling, deflection of boreholes, Difficulties in boring.
6. General concepts of Mine Development.
7. Unit Operations-drills and drilling, explosives and blasting, loading and
8. Drills & Drilling : Types of drills, drilling accessories, drillability of rocks,
diamond drilling.
9. Explosives & Blasting : Types of explosives, properties of explosives,
modern explosives, initiation systems, principles of blasting, Blasting
practice surface blasting, underground blasting.
10. Loading : Basic Loading equipment and their application.
11. Transportation : Basis ideas about Transportation equipment and their
Reference Books:
1. Elements of Mining Tecchnology, D.J.Deshmukh Part I, II & III
2. Mine Economics- Arvind Kumar
3. A Study of Metalliferous Mining methods, Y.P.Chacharkar
4. Universal Mining School- Part I & II
5. Coal Mining, B.Ghosh
6. Open cast Mining, B. Ghosh

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