GTU question papers -BE- VthSem -Basic Electronics -Applied Electronics -June- 2011

 GTU question papers


B. E. Sem. – V – Examination – June- 2011

Subject code: 151006

Subject Name: Applied Electronics


1. Attempt all questions.

2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.

3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.

Q.1 (a) Draw the block diagram of a regulated d.c. power supply and explain briefly the function of each block.

 (b) Draw the block diagram of an OP-AMP and explain the function of each block.

 Q.2 (a) Explain the operation of an astable multivibrator using IC 555. Draw its circuit diagram and waveforms.

 (b) Define the following parameters.

1) Common Mode Rejection Ration ( CMRR )

2) Latching current ( IL ) of an SCR.

3) Trace period and retrace period of C.R.T.


(b) With the help of the block diagram, explain the operation of a single trace Cathod Ray Oscilloscope. ( CRO )

 Q.3 (a) Derive the expression of OP-AMP for non-inverting closed loop voltage gain. ( Avf )

 (b) Explain the construction and operating principle of a semiconductor strain gauge. State its advantages and applications.


Q.3 (a) Define intrinsic stand off ratio ( η ) of UJT and explain its use as relaxation oscillator. Draw the relevant waveforms.

 (b) Explain construction and principle of operation of photoconductive cell.   

Q.4 (a) Explain in detail the half adder and full adder circuit using logic diagram.   

(b) Design a monostable 555 timer circuit to produce an output pulse 165 msec

wide. Draw the circuit diagram. Determine the value of external component RA if C=1 μF

 (c) Compare RTD and Thermocouple.    


Q.4 (a) Draw the block diagram of 8051 microcontroller. Explain each block briefly.

 (b) Differentiate between microprocessor and microcontroller.   

(c) Explain Read Only Memory ( ROM )    

Q.5 Write a short note. ( ANY TWO ) 

(a) Linear Variable differential Transformer ( LVDT )

(b) Phase measurement with the help of the Lissajous figures.

(c) Successive Approximation Analog –To- Digital conversion.

(d) 1) I-Pod 2) RFID.


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