GTU Question papers BE- VII th Sem-Product Design and Value Engineering Nov/Dec-2011


B.E SEM-VII Examination-Nov/Dec.-2011

Subject code: 1719

Subject Name: Product Design and Value Engineering

Mechanical Engineering



1. Attempt all questions.

2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.

3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.


Q.1 (a) State and explain the factors responsible for product design and


 (b) Define value, value analysis and value engineering. Discuss in details.  


Q.2 (a) Explain Function analysis system techniques (FAST) in details.  

(b) Discuss the role of ergonomics in design and development of new




(b) Discuss in detail the process of product development.  

Q.3 (a) How will you incorporate environmental concerns into product design?



(b) Discuss Aesthetic, Ergonomics, Technical and Economic factors with

illustrations for value determination.



Q.3 (a) Discuss the product design analysis on the basis of Functional,

Aesthetic, Production design and design of Packaging.

 (b) Explain questionaries technique used in value analysis.  


Q.4 (a) Discuss the factors responsible for unnecessary costs.  

(b) Discuss the link between product design and product cost.  



Q.4 (a) How applications of value engineering/analysis enhance total


 (b) Discuss the elements of product design and development.


Q.5 (a) Discuss the phases of value analysis procedure in details.  

(b) Explain the primary and secondary functions of the product. Discuss

with illustrations.



Q.5 (a) State and explain the objectives of product design and development.  

(b) Product simplification and diversification. Discuss.  


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