GTU previous years question papers -BE- Sem-Vth -Management-II -June- 2011

GTU previous years question papers


B. E. Sem. – V – Examination – June- 2011

Subject code: 150001

Subject Name: Management-II



1. Attempt all questions.

2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.

3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.

Q.1 (a) Differentiate Marketing from Selling and enumerate various marketing concepts in brief.

(b) What is strategy as per Management by Objective (MOB)? Discuss various levels of strategy.

Q.2 (a) Define Finance Management and enumerate objectives of financial management.   

(b) Write notes on concept of Work Cells and Computer Assigned Layout Planning.   


(b) Define manpower planning Discuss importance and objectives of manpower planning.

Q.3 (a) What is Management by Objective (MOB)? Discuss essentials of effective Management by Objective (MOB).

(b) Describe factors affecting the plant location planning and explain difference

between Process layout plant and product layout plant.


Q.3 (a) Discuss features, merits and demerits of Management by Objective (MOB) Process.

(b) Explain Plant Layout planning procedure.   

Q.4 (a) List the activities that come under the ambit of Human Resource and enumerate

Human Resource Planning process.

(b) Discuss various bases for segmentation of business market.   


Q.4 (a) Define Human Resource Management and differentiate recruitment from selection process.

(b) Define Marketing and discuss the role of 4P in formulating marketing strategies.   

Q.5 (a) An ABC Co. Ltd, has given following information for current year.

(a) Fixed Cost= Rs. 12,00,000.

(b) Variable cost = Rs. 50 per unit.

(c) Estimated sales for current year = Rs. 50,00,000.

(d) Sale price per unit = Rs. 200.


(i) Break Even Point (BEP)

(ii) Contribution and profit, if likely sales turnover in the next year is

expected Rs. 45,00,000.

(iii) Sales turnover if profit target is Rs. 15,00,000.

(b) What is demand forecasting? Explain various qualitative forecasting methods.   


Q.5 (a) XYZ Co. Ltd, producing a bath soap, which selling price is Rs. 18/- per unit has

a fixed cost equal to Rs. 75,000 and variable cost is Rs. 8.0 per unit.


(i) Production to achieve Break Even Point (BEP)

(ii) Production in no of soaps required to earn a profit of Rs. 15,000.

(iii) Profit, if 40,000 unit are produced.

(b) Discuss emerging role of Finance Manager in any large size organization.   


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