GTU previous years question papers Environmental Studies

GTU previous years question papers


BE SEM- I / II Winter Examination-Dec.-2011

Subject code: 1100  Subject

Name: Environmental Studies


  1. Attempt any five questions.
  2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.
  3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.

Q.1 (a) Give reasons for validity of the following statements . try any seven only.

(i)                 Environmental education is essential for engineers

(ii)               Decomposer are not essential in any ecosystem

(iii)             The producer is backbone of an ecosystem

(iv)             Primary consumers are more safe than secondary consumers

(v)               Energy flow in ecosystem is not required.

(vi)             Ecosystem is healthy if more number of a specific organisms are present in it.

(vii)           Presence of toxicants in water gets magnified in food pyramid of an aquatic ecosystem

(viii)         Photosynthesis is kitchen of the biosphere

(ix)             All organisms are interdependent in an ecosystem

(x)               A rice field is an artificial ecosystem

(b) Define/Explain any Seven of followings

(i) Atmospheric Environment (ii) Ecosystem (iii) Water pollution (iv) Tertiary Consumers (v)Reforestation (vi) Bioaccumulation (vii) Eutrophication (viii) Herbivores (ix)Biomagnification(x) Trophic Level (xi)omnivores (xii) Ecological Pyramid (xiii) Decomposers (xiv) Predator

Q.2 (a) Why is Environmental education essential? What is relationship between   Man and Environment? Do you think that man has protected environment?

(b) Enumerate all classifications of Ecology and ecosystems and write in detail   structure and functions of an ecosystem

Q.3 (a) Describe importance of biochemical cycle in the life of a biotitic. Describe   Nitrogen cycle with sketch in detail (b) Narrate renewable and nonrenewable natural resources. What are stresses   produced by human-being by overexploitations of them?

Q.4 (a) Describe in detail types of forest resources and what are problems created   by deforestations in India ?

(b) How is population prediction done? Describe in detail the reasons and   results of overpopulation

Q.5 (a) Why we are now harvesting rain water? What are problems of water quality   in India?

(b) What are causes of Environmental Pollution? . List all Environmental   Pollution and their sources in detail

Q.6 (a) Narrate in detail major sources and pollution produced by uses of   nonrenewable energy sources? What are renewable resources which can replace them so that Environmental pollution is reduced (b) Describe types of forest resources and their uses and overuses and effects of   that activity of human

Q.7 (a) Enlist Global Environmental pollution problems. Describe one in detail   and suggest remedial measures to reduce them

 (b) “Discharging used water in river is not solution of pollution” Explain in   detail

At the base. Take base diameter of the cone 80 mm and height of axis 90 mm.


Q.5    Figure 2. shows elevation and plan of a bracket, draw isometric 14

projection of the bracket and also draw the isometric scale.



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