GTU Exam papers Communication Skills


BE SEM- I / II Winter Examination-Dec -2011

Subject code: 110002      

Subject Name: Communication Skills

  Total marks: 70


1.      Attempt any five questions.

2.      Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.

3.      Figures to the right indicate full marks.

Q.1 (a) Explain the process of communication with a diagram. How is feedback significant in communication process?

(b) What is grapevine? Elaborate its advantages and disadvantages.

Q.2 (a) What is noise? Name different types of barriers. Add a note on organizational barriers.

(b) Differentiate between listening and hearing. Describe the traits of a good listener.

Q.3 (a) Write notes on following topics :

(i) Kinesics (ii) Characteristics of a report

(b) Why group discussions are held? Describe different techniques used in organizational group discussions.

Q.4 (a) Write notes on the following topics :

(i) Proxemics (ii) Importance of reports (b) Describe in brief the central components of paragraph development.

Q.5 (a) What is reading comprehension? Narrate reasons for poor comprehension and state how comprehension skills can be improved.

(b) Write notes on following topics :

(i)     Guidelines for writing good description

(ii)   General and technical communication

Q.6 (a) On behalf of a leading publishing house, draft a suitable reply ( in block layout form ) to M/s. Shah Book Depot, Ahmedabad, who have complained about late delivery of books. Elaborate the reasons for late delivery, offer special discount and assure timely supply of articles in future.

(b) Write notes on the following topics :

(i)     Preparation for meetings

(ii)   Types of listening

Q.7 (a) Advertisement in newspapers :                                                                                                07

Candidates holding a bachelor’s degree in Engineering in IT/EC/CE are required for working on company intranet, extranet and internet sites. Competency in HTML coding, website design and client server technology is vital. Please send CV to the Director, H.R.Department, Oasis Softwares, Farm Road, Mumbai – 400001 or fax it to 022-242557838 or e-mail to .

Assuming that you have the requisite credentials, draft a Job Application in response to the above cited advertisement.

(b) Do as directed :                                                                                                                    07

(i)        Kalidas wrote Shakuntala. ( Change the voice )

(ii)      The cat killed the mouse. ( Change the voice )

(iii)    What is the time________ your watch? ( Use appropriate preposition )

(iv)    Ram________ to school everyday. ( Choose from : goes, is going )

(v)      I would________ extreme caution . ( Choose from : advice, advise )

(vi)    Do you need_______ help? (Choose from : farther, further )

(vii)    Politics_________ the favourite of many students in my college. ( Choose

from : is, are )


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