GTU previous question papers -BE- Sem-Vth -Environmental Engineering -Dec 2010

GTU previous question papers


B.E. Sem-Vth Examination December 2010

Subject code: 150603

Subject Name: Environmental Engineering



1. Attempt all questions.

2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.

3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.

Q.1 (a) Enumerate different types of microbes and draw the microbial growth curve

stating its all components.

(b) What are the sources of water? Describe the different impurities present in water with particle size distribution.

         Q.2 (a) Enlist different physical and chemical characteristics of water and wastewater and discuss their environmental significance.

(b) What is pH? How is it determined? Find out how much acidic is sample of pH 2.0 compared to sample of pH 6.0.         


(b) Define DO and give its value to be maintained in aquatic ecosystem. Explain in detail the oxygen sag curve.

 Q.3 (a) Enumerate different types of sanitary fittings and explain the functioning of wash basin showing a neat sketch.

(b) Describe the single pipe system and two pipe system of plumbing with sketches.


Q.3 (a) What is water seal? Why is it required? Draw the sketches of S trap and Gully trap.

 (b) Draw the drainage layout plan for the apartment having 2 BHK flats.           

Q.4 (a) What are the sources of municipal solid waste? Give the classification of materials found in municipal solid waste.

(b) Write short notes on (a) Physical compositions of solid waste (b) Composting           


Q.4 (a) What is solid waste management? Describe it with flow diagram indicating its all functional elements.

(b) What is sanitary land filling? Describe the different factors to be considered

for the site selection of sanitary land filling.

 Q.5 (a) Explain the effect of air pollution on men, material and animals.           

(b) What is noise pollution? How is it measured? Describe some control measures required to control noise pollution.


Q.5 (a) Write short notes on (a) EIA (b) Electrostatic precipitator           

(b) Describe different primary and secondary air pollutants.


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