GTU last year question papers -BE- Sem-VIIth -Structural Design-I -May/June- 2012



Subject code: 170603 

Subject Name: Structural Design-I


1. Attempt all questions.

2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.

3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.

4. Use of IS: 800 (20  ), IS: 456 (2000) and Steel Table (IS Hand book-No:1) is


5. Assume the Ultimate and Yield stress of steel as 410N/mm2 and 250N/mm2

respectively unless it is mentioned.

Q.1 (a) Explain Working stress method and Limit state method of structural

Design Philosophy.

(b) A single equal-leg angle 100x100x10mm is connected to a gusset plate

of 10mm thick at the ends with 6 bolts of 20mm diameter in a single

line at a gauge distance of 60mm to transfer tensile force. Determine

the design tensile strength of the angle. Assume edge distance as

40mm & pitch for the bolts as 50mm.

Q.2 (a) Distinguish clearly between

1. One way and Two way slab

2. Lacing and Battening.

(b) Design and detail a slab base plate for a column ISHB450 @

87.24kg/m of 4m length. The factored load on column is 1250kN. The

grade of concrete used for pedestal is M20.


(b) Design an isolated sloped footing for the column of size

300mmx500mm reinforced with 6 bars of 20mm diameter carrying an

ultimate load of 900kN. The bearing capacity of soil is 260kN/m2. Use

M20 and Fe415. Effective cover for bottom steel is 60mm. 

Q.3 (a) Design a Reinforced Concrete slab for a room 6mx5m. The slab is to

be cast monolithically over beams with corners held down. The width

of supporting beams 230mm. Slab carries superimposed load of

3kN/m2. Use M20 and Fe415.

(b) Design a column of I- section in a building subjected to axial factored

compressive load of 900kN. The height of column is 4.5m with both

ends fixed. It is braced in order to prevent buckling about the weaker

axis at a half the length of the column. 


Q.3 (a) Determine axial compressive load carrying capacity of a 2.3m long

single angle strut ISA75x50x8mm. The longer leg is connected to the

gusset plate with two bolts at each end. Assume hinged condition. 

(b) A reinforced concrete rectangular beam 300mmx600mm deep is

subjected to a uniformly distributed load 40kN/m over a simply

supported span of 6m. Design the beam for flexure using M20 and Fe415.

Q.4 (a) Design a uniform section for Moment and shear capacity of two spans

simply supported continuous beam ABC. Span AB is of 4m length and

carries a central concentrated load of 150kN and span BC is of 6m

length and carries a central concentrated load of 200kN. Assume the

beam is to be laterally supported. Adopt plastic design procedure. 

(b) A doubly reinforced beam of size 250mmx600mm is required to resist

a moment of 300kN.m. Using concrete of grade M20 and Fe415,

calculate the amount of steel required. Assume effective cover as 50mm. 


Q.4 (a) Explain various structural members with neat sketches, which will be

designed as a beam-column (Combination of Bending with axial

compression). Mention the design steps involved for beam-column as

per IS: 800, 20  . 

(b) A Reinforced Concrete beam of rectangular cross section

350mmx450mm effective depth is subjected to bending moment of

40kN.m, shear force of 25kN and torsion 15kN.m at the section.

Design the beam assuming effective cover as 50mm. 

Q.5 (a) Design and detail a connection for a truss member 2-ISA60x60x8mm

connected back-to-back on both the sides of a 10mm thick gusset plate

using M20 bolts of property class 4.6 grade. The axial factored load in

the member is 150kN.

(b) Calculate the area of steel required for a short RCC column

400mmx450mm to carry an axial load of 1100kN. Use fck=20MPa

and Fe415 grade of steel. 


Q.5 (a) Explain various elements of FLAT SLAB.   

(b) Determine the maximum uniformly distributed load that can be carried

by a laterally unrestrained ISMB300 simply supported beam of 2.5m effective length.


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