GTU Basics of Environmental Studies Syllabus

GTU Basics of Environmental Studies Syllabus

 Basics of Environmental Studies

1. Introduction to Environment, Ecology and Ecosystem
Definition and Inter-relationships amongst and between them
Components of Environment, Relationship between different components
Man-Environment relationship
Impact of Technology on the environment
Environmental Degradation:
2 Ecology & Ecosystems
Introduction: Ecology- Objectives and Classification
Concepts of an ecosystem- structure & function of ecosystem
Components of ecosystem- Producers, Consumers, Decomposers
Bio-Geo- Chemical Cycles- Hydrological Cycle, carbon cycle, Oxygen Cycle,
Nitrogen Cycle, Sulfur Cycle
Energy Flow in Ecosystem
Food Chains: Grazing, Detritus, & Food webs
Ecological Pyramids
Major Ecosystems: Forest Ecosystem, Grassland Ecosystem, Desert Ecosystem, Aquatic
Ecosystem, Estuarine Ecosystem
3 Population & Natural Resources
Development of Habitation patterns and Environmental factors governing human settlement
Population & Pollution , Reasons for overpopulation ,Population Growth, Demographic
Projections and Population Structures ,Production of food
Renewable & Nonrenewable Resources: Renewable Resources, Nonrenewable
Resources, Destruction versus Conservation
Water Resources: Water Resources-Indian Scenario, Water Sources- Surface & Ground
Water Sources, Uses & overuses of water resources, problems due to Overexploitation of
Water Resources
Forest Resources : Forest Resources – Indian Scenario , Importance of forests- Ecologically &
Economically, Uses of forest products, Forest Types, Deforestations-Causes and effects,
Forest Degradation in India
Energy Resources : Energy Resources – Indian Scenario , Conventional Energy Sources & its
problems, non-conventional energy sources-Advantages & its limitations , Problems due to
Overexploitation of Energy Resources
4 Environmental Pollution
Types of Environmental Pollution
Water Pollution : Introduction – Water Quality Standards , Sources of Water Pollution,
Classification of water pollutants, Effects of water pollutants , Eutrophication Gujarat Technological University. B.E Sem II 8
Air Pollution : Composition of air , Structure of atmosphere, Ambient Air Quality Standards,
Classification of air pollutants, Sources of common air pollutants like SPM, SO2, NOX –
Natural & Anthropogenic Sources, Effects of common air pollutants
Land & Noise Pollution : Introduction- Lithosphere, Land Uses, Causes of land
Degradation, Sources of Noise Pollution, Effects of noise pollution
Current Environmental Global Issues : Global Warming & Green Houses Effects, Acid Rain
, Depletion of Ozone Layer


1 Environmental Studies: R. Rajagopalan,Oxford University Press
2 Environmental Pollution: Causes, Effects & Control by K.C Agrawal
3 Environmental Science by Richard T Wright & Bernard J Nebel
4 Environmental Science by Daniel B Botkin & Edward A Keller
5 Environmental Engineering & Management by Suresh K Dameja
6 Environmental Management by Dr. Swapan C Deb
7 Environment & Ecology by Dr Gourkrishna Dasmohapatra
8 Introduction To Environmental Engineering and Science by Master Gilbert M.

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