GITAM University V SEM Mass Transfer Syllabus

GITAM University V SEM Mass Transfer Syllabus

 B.Tech. (BT) V Semester
Course Code : EURBT 503 Category: CE
Credits: 3 Hours : 3 per week
Introduction: Mass transfer Operations, molecular diffusion in fluids, binary solutions,
Fick’s law, equation of continuity, steady state equimolal counter current diffusion,
Stefan’s diffusion, estimation of diffusivity of gases and liquids, application of
molecular diffusion, theories of mass transfer, analogy between momentum, heat and
mass transfer in laminar and turbulent flow, diffusion in solids.
Interphase mass transfer: concept of equilibrium, diffusion between phases, material
balances in steady state co-current and counter-current stage processes.
Phase equilibra:
Gas-Liquid (Absorption) : Solubilities of gases in liquids, two component system,
multi-component system, ideal and non-ideal solutions, choice of solvent for
absorption, single component absorption, material balance, counter current multistage
operations, dilute gas mixtures, absorption and stripping factors, continuous contact
equipment, HETP, HTU, NTU concepts for single component absorption, graphical
construction for transfer units, absorption with chemical reaction.
Equipment for gas-liquid Operations: sparged vessels, mechanically agitated vessels
for single phase liquids and gas – liquid mixtures. Description of tray towers & its
components, Sieve tray towers, various tray efficiencies, Venturi scrubbers, spray
towers and spray chambers, Description of packed towers, Comparison of tray tower
and packed towers.
Vapor-Liquid (Distillation) : Principles of VLE for binary systems, phase diagrams,
relative volatility, Ideal solutions, azeotropes, enthalpy concentration diagrams, flash
vaporization, differential distillation (Rayleigh equation), steam distillation,
continuous distillation, McCabe-Thiele method, azeotropic and extractive distillation.
Liquid-liquid (Extraction) : Liquid-liquid equilibria, choice of solvent for extraction,
analytical and graphical solutions for single and multistage operations, continuous
counter current operation. Equipment : Mixer settler cascades, Rotating disc
contactor, Schiebel extractor, Pulsed column, Centrifugal extractor.

Text Book:

1. Mass Transfer Operations, Robert E.Treybal. Third edition, McGraw-Hill Book, Co.,
2. Mass transfer – I & II, K.A. Gavhane.

Reference Book:

1. “Unit Operations in Chemical Engineering”, McCabe, W.L., Smith, J.C. and Harriot, P., 5th Edition, McGraw-Hill Book Co.,

2. “Chemical Engineering Hand Book” J.H.Perry.

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