GITAM University Syllabus BE 8th Sem Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Trials

GITAM University Syllabus

Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Trials



B.Tech. (BT) VIII Semester

EURBT 841: Departmental Elective: CLINICAL BIOCHEMISTRY &
Code: EURBT 841 Category: DE
Credits: 3 Hours : 3 per week

Maintenance of clinical laboratory, Units of measurement and normal range, Quality
control in laboratory, Selection and evaluation of methods, Automation in clinical
laboratory, Collection and preservation of samples and sampling methods.
Digestive system disorders: Gastric functions and methods of evaluation, Pancreatic
exocrine functions and methods of evaluation. Plasma proteins: properties and their
functions, their variation during diseases. Plasma lipid and lipoproteins and their
variation during diseases.
Cerebrospinal fluid: Functions and their variations in diseases. Kidney: Function and
composition of urine, investigation of renal disorders. Inborn errors of metabolism:
Carbohydrates, lipids, protein, purine, pyrimidines and porphyrins.
Liver: Liver functions and function tests, Liver diseases: Jaundice, Hepatitis, Gall
stones, Cirrhosis and fatty liver. Clinical chemistry of new born, clinical enzymology:
Isoenzymes in health and disease.
Endocrine disorders of pancreas: Diabetes mellitus, Hypoglycemia and Glucose
tolerance tests, Thyroid: Hypo and Hyper thyroidism, BMR and tests for thyroid
functions, Pregnancy tests, Biochemistry of reproductive disorders, Pituitary clinical
syndromes. Selection of clinical subjects and deciding amount of dosage and delivery
Text Books:
1. Text book of Medical Biochemistry by Ranashinde Chaterjee,
2. Biochemistry by U. Satya Narayana,
3. Biochemistry by Voet and Voet
4. Text book of Biochemistry with clinical correlations by Thomas Devlin
5. Teitz Fundamentals of Clinical chemistry by CA Burtis, ER Ashwood

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