GITAM University Syllabus B Tech 8th Sem Plant Biotechnology

GITAM University

Plant Biotechnology Syllabus


 B.Tech. (BT) VIII Semester

Code : EURBT 802 Category: CE
Credits: 3 Hours : 3 per week

History developments and land marks in the development of plant tissue culture,
sterilization methods, nutritional components of tissue culture media, plant growth
regulators, regulation of cell differentiation, Regeneration of plants through
organogenesis and somatic embryogenesis.
Clonal (Micro) propagation and its applications; Somaclonal variation, its genetic
basis and application in crop improvement; callus/cell line selection for resistance to
herbicide, stress and diseases.
Anther culture – methods of haploid production and their application in plant
breeding; Protoplast technology – isolation, culture and plant regeneration, protoplast
fusion, identification and characterization of somatic hybrids, cybrids applications of
protoplast in gene transfer; indirect and direct methods, current status and limitations.
Bioreactor system and models for mass cultivation of plant cells.
Production of secondary metabolites by plant cell cultures.
Cryopreservation of germplasm, methods of production of synthetic seeds and their
applications. Automation in plant tissue culture, field techniques for propagation of
regenerated plants, economics of tissue culture.
Text books:
1. Plant Cell, Tissue, and Organ culture by J.Reinert and YPS Bajaj. 1997. Narosa
2. “Plant Cell and Tissue Culture” by S.Narayanaswamy. 2004. McGraw Hill
3. An introduction to plant tissue culture. MK.Razdan. 2nd Ed. 2003. Oxford and
4. “Hormones at Cellular Level” Ed. by Scott, T.K.
5. “Handbook of Plant Cell Culture” Eds. Sharp et al.
6. Plant Biotechnology C.Chawla. 2004. Oxford and IBH.
Reference Books:
1. Plant tissue and cell culture. Street, HE. Blackwell.
2. “Plant Tissue Culture” Thorpe, T.A. (Ed.)

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