GITAM University Syllabus B Tech 8th Sem Nanotechnology

GITAM University Syllabus




B.Tech. (BT) VIII Semester
EURBT 8610: Nanotechnology
Code: EURBT 8610 Category: IE

Introduction: Evolution of science and technology, Introduction to Nanotechnology,
Nanotechnology – Definition – Difference between Nanoscience and
Nanotechnology, Feynman predictions on Nanotechnology, Moores law, Role of
Bottom up and top down approaches in nanotechnology, challenges in
Nano materials: History of materials, Nanomaterials – Definition, Classification of
Nanostructured materials, cause of interest in nanomaterials, some present and future
applications of nanomaterials.
Synthesis and processing of nano powders: Processes for producing ultrafine
powders – mechanical milling, wet chemical synthesis, gas condensation process,
chemical vapour condensation, laser ablation.
Design and Synthesis of self assembled nano structured materials.
Special nanomaterials, characterization and tools: Carbon nanotubes, nano
composites, carbon fullerenes: An overview of preparation, properties applications.
Electron Microscopy Techniques: Scanning Electron Microscopy, Transmission
Electron Microscopy, Scanning Probe Microscopy – X ray methods.
Nanoelectronics: Introduction to micro, nano fabrication: Optical lithography,
Electron beam lithography, Atomic lithography, Molecular beam epitaxy, MEMS:-
Introduction, Principles, Types of MEMS:- Mechanical, Thermal, Magnetic MEMS;
Fabrication of MEMS.
1. Nano materials by A S Edelstein & R C Cammarata, Institute of physics
publishing, Bristc and Philadelphia.
Reference Books:
1. Nano materials by J.Dutta & H.Hofman.
2. Nano structures & Nano materials by Guozhong cao, Imperial college press.
3. Micro manufacturing and Nano Technology by N.P.Mahalik.
4. Nano Technology by Mark Ratner & Danier Ratner, Prentice Hall.

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