GITAM University Ground Improvement technique Syllabus

GITAM University Ground Improvement Technique Syllabus




In-situ densification methods in granular soils – Introduction of Vibration at the ground surface, Impact at the Ground surface. Vibrofloatation technique and other techniques like dynamic replacement etc.
In-situ Densification methods in cohesive soils:- introduction, preloading, dewatering, sand drains, sand wicks, Geodrains/ band drains. Methods of dewatering systems – open sumps and ditches, well point system, deep well system, vaccum dewatering, Electo-Osmosis method.
Reinforced Earth: Principles, components of reinforced earth, factors governing design of reinforced earth walls. Geotextiles: Introduction, types of Geotextiles, Functions and their application.
Stabilization of Soils: Soil aggregate mixture, properties and proportioning techniques, soft aggregat estabilization, compaction, field compaction control. Cement, lime and bituminous stabilization.
Stone Columns: Introduction, construction practice, design principles, Case studies indicating the efficacy and importance of ground improvement Technique.

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