GITAM University Genetics and Molecular Biology

GITAM University Genetics and Molecular Biology

 B.Tech. (BT) V Semester
Course Code : EURBT 502 Category: BS
Credits: 3 Hours : 3 per week
Principles of Inheritance: Mendelian and Non mendelian inheritance, linkage and
crossing over, mapping of genes and cytoplasmic inheritance,
Structure of cell membrane, cellular organelles and their structure and functions,
organization of the chromosome, euchromatin and heterochromatin; nucleosome;
cell division, cell cycle and its regulation; CDC mutants, protein kinases, cyclins;
biochemistry of meiosis.
DNA structure and topology; replication in prokaryotes and eukaryotes; models of
replication, nucleotide sequence composition; unique, middle and highly repetitive
DNA, redundant DNA; genetic recombination, transposons- molecular nature
mutations, DNA repair mechanisms..
Principles of transcription: prokaryotic RNA polymerase, mechanism of transcription
in prokaryotes and eukaryotes, post transcriptional processing. Regulation of gene
expression in E. coli. Operon concept; Biochemical control of gene expression in
UNIT-V General features of genetic code, translation machinery in prokaryotic and
eukaryotic systems, protein targeting and processing. signal sequences, signal receptor
protein, signal hypothesis.


Text Books:
1. Molecular Biology of the Gene, J.D.Watson et al., 1997. Benjamin.
2. Molecular Biology of the Cell, Alberts et al., 4th Ed.2002, Garland Publishers

Reference Books:

1. Cell and Molecular Biology, DeRobertis, E.D.P. 8th ed. 2004. Lippincott, Williams
and wilkins.
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