GITAM University Entrepreneurship Syllabus

GITAM University Entrepreneurship Syllabus




Meaning, importance, benefits of Entrepreneurship-characterizes, factors of Entrepreneurship-Barriers of Entrepreneurship-Difference between Entrepreneurship and management-Evolution of the concept of entrepreneur- Difference between entrepreneur and entrepreneur. Motivational aspects of entrepreneur (McClelland theory)
Project identification and selection: Meaning, classification of projects-Factors involved in project identification. Selection-significance contents, formulation of a project report – specimen of a project report-planning commission’s guidelines for formulating a project-Basics of capital budgeting-Pay back period. Net present value. Internal Rate of Return.
Sources of finance: Cost of capital-importance of a capital-Basic concepts, rational assumptions-cost of debt, reference, equity capitalsource of finance-internal, external sources-institutional finance to entrepreneurs and institutional support to entrepreneurs.
Project appraisal:
Concept project appraisal-Methods of project appraisal, Economic analysis, Financial analysis, Market analysis Technical feasibility and Managerial competence (assessment of working and fixed capital Govt. Policies, qualitative methods of market analysis, Life cycle segmentation).
Ownership Structures & Evaluation of Edps:
Ownership structures-sole trader, partnership (Partnership deed) types of partnership-Joint stock companies-Difference between private and a public company – Advantage and disadvantages of the ownership structures – Distinction between MDP and EDP – Training methods and Role playing (Games).

Text Books:

1. Harold Koontz & Heinz Weihrich. Essentials of Management, McGraw Hill International.
2. Hirich R.D. & Peters Irwin M.P., Enterpreneurship, Mc Graw Hill
3. Rao T.V. & Deshpande M.V., Prayag Metha, Nadakarni M.S. Developing Entrepreneurship, Hand Book. Learning Systems.
4. Donald Kurado & Hodgelts R.M., Entrepreneurship A Contemporary Appraoch. The Dryden Press.
5. Dr Patel V.G. Seven Business Crisis, Tata McGraw Hill
6. Timmons J.N. New Venture Creation – Entrepreneurship for 21ST century, Mc Graw Hill International.


1. Patel J.B .Nold S.S. A Manual on Business Opportunity Identification, Selections, EDH.
2. Rao C.R. Finance for Small Scale Industries.
3. Pandey M.W. Compier Guide to Successful Entrepreneurship. Vikas Publishing

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