GITAM Univeristy Syllabus B Tech 2nd Sem Mathematics 2

GITAM Univeristy

Mathematics II Syllabus



B.Tech. (BT)Second Semester
Bridge Course -II (BPC Stream)
EURMT207: Mathematics – II
Code: EURMT207 Category : BC

Department: Engg. Mathematics

Aim of the Course is to impart knowledge of basics in Mathematics to enable them
understand advanced concepts / applications easily.
Linear Algebra Matrices : (12 periods)
Matrices and Determinants – definition – types of matrices – algebra of matrices –
properties of determinants of 2 x 2 and 3 x 3 order matrices – Inverse of a matrix –
Solving simultaneous linear equations in 2 and 3 variables using matrix inverse
method and Cramer’s rule.
Algebra of Partial fractions : ( 8 periods)
Introduction – Resolving
( )
( )
g x
f x into partial fractions when g(x) contains non repeated
linear factors, repeated & non – repeated linear factors, repeated irreducible factors
only and repeated and non-repeated irreducible factors.
Permutations & Combinations : (12 periods)
Definition of linear and circular permutations – number of permutations of n
dissimilar things taken r at a time – number of permutation of n dissimilar things
taken r at a time when repetition of things is allowed any number of times – number
of circular permutations of n different things taken all at a time – number of
permutations of n things taken all at a time when some of them are alike and the rest
are dissimilar – number of combinations of a n dissimilar things taken r at a time.
Introduction of Binomial theorem – expansion of (x + a)n , (1 + x)-1, (1 – x)-1, (1 + x)-2
& (1 – x)-2 .
Trigonometry: (12 periods)
Trigonometric functions – graphs – periodicity – trigonometric ratio of compound
angles multiple and submultiples angles – transformations – trigonometric equations.
Brief introduction of inverse trigonometric, hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic
Complex numbers: ( 8 periods)
Complex number as an ordered pair of real numbers, representation of z = (a, b) in the
form (a + i b) – conjugate complex numbers – modulus and amplitude of a complex
number – geometrical representation of a complex number – Argand plane – Argand
diagram. Demoivers theorem for integral index and rational index (without proof) – nth
roots of unity – Geometrical representation, cube roots of unity.
Textbooks Prescribed:
1. Engineering Mathematics,Dr.V. Ramamoorthy, Dr.A Solai Raju. S. Ramamoorthy, S.
Ganesh. Pub. Viodayal Karuppur, Kambakonam RMS. Anuradha Agencies.
2. Intermediate Mathematics Volume I & II, V.Venkateswara Rao, N.Krishna Murthy,
B.V.S.Sharma, S.Chand& Company Ltd.
References :
A first Course in Mathematics for Engineers Chandrika Prasad. Prasad Mudranakya,
Note: The figures in parentheses indicate approximate number of expected hours of

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