GATE 2016: Top 9 Tips to excel

With barely three months remaining for the actual (Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering) GATE exam, all the aspiring students must be worried about what to do at this point of time. Dear students, it’s natural to get stressed about the final exam but stress will not lead you anywhere.

Listed below are a few Do’s and Don’ts ┬áthat a candidate should remember and follow:

1. Avoid starting new topics: It’s not the time to start new topics so avoid any such activity and focus only on your strengths.

2. Don’t Panic: Don’t panic about the competition and the exam. Keep calm; this will help you focus on your preparation.

3. Make your own exam strategy: Based on your experiments in the mock test series, you can fine tune your own exam strategy. Some people like to start solving a paper from the first question, while some people like to glance through the entire paper and start answering questions from their areas of strength.

4. Accuracy is the key: The penalty for a wrong answer (for the multiple choice questions) is a severe 33 per cent and hence the candidates should answer the questions carefully to maximize their marks.

5. Don’t take the “eliminating the wrong answer options” approach too often as many questions in GATE’16 are of Numerical type (wherein you will have to enter a value instead of choosing from 4 options).

6. Remember to carry stationary and admit card along with one valid photo identification proof.

7. Reach the examination centre 30 min before the start of the exam. It will help to stay cool and calm during exam.

8. Relax before the exam: One day before GATE, stop thinking about it. Read your favourite comic book or just sleep a few hours, anything that relaxes you. Appear for the exam with a fresh mind.

9. Remember that GATE is not the end of the world: Put your best foot forward and do not worry excessively about the results.

The Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering (GATE), an all India examination administered and conducted jointly by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and seven of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) tests the technical knowledge of students in various undergraduate subjects of Engineering.

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