Fiber Optics EC Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar

Fiber Optics EC Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar

 Departmental Electives (5th Semester)
EC-351 Fiber Optics [3 0 0 3]

Unit I
Introduction: The Electromagnetic Spectrum, Properties of Light, Dual Nature of Light, Concept of a photon, Wave Model, Characteristics of light waves, concepts of information, general communication systems, evolution of Basic Fiber Optic Communication System, Benefits and disadvantages of Fiber Optics, Transmission Windows, Transmission Through Optical Fiber, The Laws of Reflection and Refraction, Light rays and light waves, Reflection of light from optical surfaces, Refraction of light from optical interfaces, The Numerical Aperture (NA), The Optical Fiber, Types of Fiber.

Unit II

Degradation in Optics Fibers: Different Losses & Issues in Fiber Optics, Attenuation in Optical Fibers, Fiber Optic Loss Calculations, Dispersion, connectors & splices, bending loses, Absorption, scattering, very low loss materials, plastic & polymer-clad-silica fibers. Dispersion in single mode and multimode fibers, dispersion shifted and dispersion flattened fibers, attenuation and dispersion limits in fibers, Kerr nonlinearity, self phase modulation, combined effect of dispersion and self phase modulation.

Unit III

Wave Propagation in Fibers: wave propagation in step index & graded index fiber, fiber dispersion, single mode fibers, multimode fibers, dispersion shifted fiber, dispersion flattened fiber, polarization, cut-off condition and V-parameter. Fibre Material and Fabrication Methods: Outside CVD, Modified CVD and VAD methods – losses in fibres – attenuation absorption, scattering and radiation losses – signal distortions – intra model and inter model distortions: Group delay, material and wave guide distortions – fiber optic cables.

Books Recommended – 

1. Mynbaev and Djafer, “Optical fiber Communication Technology”, 2nd edition, Pearson Pub.
2. Keiser G, “Optical fiber communications”, McGraw-Hill.
3. G P Agrawal, “Nonlinear Fiber Optics”, Second edition, Academic Press, (2000).
4. Dutton J R, “Understanding Optical communication”’ online book by IBM.
5. Senior J. Optical Fiber Communications, Principles & Practice, PHI.

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