eBooks : An Opportunity

eBooks : An Opportunity



The book market is undergoing a phase of transition. Developers are introducing new formats, manufacturers are building new devices, companies are creating new business models, and – most importantly – new readers are making the leap from paper books to eBooks. Experts agree that eBooks and eReaders are gaining momentum and are poised to make the breakthrough that will significantly change the book industry.

Most experts are convinced that eBooks will achieve a significant share of the mass market in the course of the next few years. However, there are reservations regarding the extent of this development. The following factors were cited:

• The development, marketing, and decreasing costs for eReaders with eInk screens have attracted customers because the devices simulate the experience of reading ink on paper.

• Consumer behavior is changing, with the Internet becoming more pervasive in all areas of life and mobile devices – such as MP3 players, smartphones, and portable game players – becoming commonplace companions. Because consumers are used to carrying devices, familiar with technology, and accustomed to reading onscreen, they are also receptive to eReaders. Apple’s

iPad, although not designed solely to read eBooks, has raised the profile of eReaders and tablets. More books are available than in the past, and more content is made available every day. The lack of content hindered eReader adoption as recently as a few years ago.

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