CUSAT Question Papers Electronic Data Interchange Dec 2002

CUSAT Question Papers Electronic Data Interchange Dec 2002

CUSAT B-Tech. Degree VII Semester Examination

                          December 2002



(1999 Admissions)

Maximum Maries: 100


(I) (a) Define EDI and explain the working of an EDI system.

     (b) List the benefits of EDI.


(a)                 List the major components of an EDI system and explain briefly.

(b)                 Briefly discuss about EDI standards.





(III) . (a) Briefly explain the legal and audit issues of EDI.

(b) Briefly discuss about the software licensing arrangement.


IV. (a) Discuss the process of trading partner agreements.

(b) Discuss the issues related to global trading network.


(V) (a) What do you mean by Business process reengineering? Explain briefly.

(b) What are knowledge management software? Discuss briefly.


Briefly explain the project management issues in the development of an EDI Business.








VII. (a) Discuss the role of corporate gateways in an EDI environment(b) Discuss the benefits of implementation of EDI in an organization.


VII.                         It is required to implement EDI in an Organization. Illustrate the various steps

involved in this process.





(a)                Discuss the issues and technology related to authentication of an electronic document

(b)                Why Encryption is used in EDI system? Explain the process.


(X) (a) What are the Security issues related to EDI system? Explain briefly.

(b) Briefly explain the key management algorithms.


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