CUSAT Previous Year Question Papers BE EE 5th Semester Field Theory June 2011

CUSAT Previous Year Question Papers

BE EE 5th Semester Field Theory June 2011


EE 503 Field Theory

(2006 Scheme)


(Answer all questions)

I. a) State and prove Gauss’s Law for Electric flux.

b) Transform the vector A=2ax+5ay at the point P(x=2, y=l. z=3) into cylindrical co-ordinate system.

c)  State and explain Biot Savart Law.

d) Justify the existence of displacement current.

e)  Distinguish between phase velocity and group velocity.

f)  Gan TEM waves propagate in a rectangular waveguide? Justify your answer.

g)  What are standing waves? Explain how they are formed along a Transmission line.

h) What is Smith chart? Highlight the salient features of Smith chart and list few important applications.


II.  a) Explain the term divergence. State and prove divergence theorem.

b) Derive the expression for energy stored in a capacitor.


III. a) Given A=2xy ax+z ay + yz2az find VAandVxA at P(2,-l,3).

b) Derive the conditions for D and E at the boundary between two dielectrics.


IV. a) A wire carrying 100A current is bent into a square of side 10cm. Calculate the field at the centre of the coil,

b) State and explain Maxwell’s equation in differential form.


V. a) Explain the inconsistency of Ampere’s Law for time varying fields.

b) State and explain the Continuity Equation.


VI. a) Derive the wave equations in a conducting medium.

b) What is intrinsic impedance? Evaluate the intrinsic impedance of free space.


VII.   a) State and explain Poynting Theorem.

b) What is wave polarization? Illustrate the different types of wave polarization.


VIII. a) Derive the expression for reflection co-efficient and transmission co-efficient for a normally incident wave,

b) Explain:

(i) Snell’s Law (ii) Brewster angle


IX. a) Derive the Transmission line equations.

b) Explain:

(i) Stub Matching

(ii) Characteristic impedance of Transmission line

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