CUSAT Previous Question Papers Engineering Graphics May 2007

CUSAT Previous Question Papers

Engineering Graphics May 2007

Time:3 Hrs

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Max marks:100 

1. a) Construct a forward reading Vernier scale to read distance up to a deca meter with
Representative fraction 1/40000 and long enough to measure 6 Km. Mark 3.37 Km
on it.
b) Draw an ellipse, by intersecting arcs method given its major and minor axes as
100mm and 75mm respectively.
2. a) Draw a diagonal scale of RF = 1/500 and show on it, a length 57.5m.
b) Draw a parabola, given the distance b/w its focus ‘F’ and directrix DD as 50mm.
Also draw a tangent to the curve at a point on it.
3. a) Draw the projectiles of line AB of length 80mm, inclined at 30 degrees with HP and
45 degrees with VP. A point ‘m’ on AB, 30mm from A is at a distance of 35mm
above HP and 40mm in front of VP.
b) Length of the line AB in front view measures 30mm. A is 15mm above HP and
25mm in front of VP. B is 40mm above HP and angle of the line with VP is 30
degree. Draw the projections and find the true inclination with HP.
4. a) A circular lamina of 50mm diameter inclined at 30 degree to HP and perpendicular
to VP has its center 30mm in front of VP and on HP. Draw front, top and side views.
b) A regular hexagonal lamina of side 30mm has a side in both HP & VP, while the
lamina makes an angle of 60 degree with VP. Draw its front and top views.
5. a) A frustum of a cone diameter of base 60mm, diameter of top surface surface 30mm
and axis 45mm long is lying on HP on one of its generators. The plane containing the
axis and the generator makes an angle of 45 degree to VP. Draw its front and top
6. A pentagonal pyramid of base edge 30mm and height 60mm is resting on its base
with one base edge perpendicular to VP. A cutting plane at 50 degree with HP
perpendicular to VP and passing through a corner cuts the pyramid. Draw the
sectional front view, top view and side view of the bottom portion & the true shape
of the section.
7. A right regular square prism of 30mm base edge and 60mm height rest on its base
on HP such that its vertical faces are equally inclined to VP. It has a horizontal
circular hole of 30mm diameter drilled centrally through it such that the axis of the
hole cuts both the diagonally opposite vertical edges. Develop the lateral surface of
the prism showing all construction lines.
8. A cylinder of height 60mm and base circle diameter 50mm is resting on its base.
Another cylinder of 40mm diameter 70mm height and axis parallel to both the planes
penetrate through the vertical cylinder such that the axis bisects each other. Draw the
curve of intersection.
9. A cone, diameter of base 45mm and height 50mm is mounted centrally on the top of a
square slab of thickness 10mm & side 65mm. Draw the isometric projection of the
combined solid.
10. A rectangular block 32mm* 22mm*16mm is lying on ground on one of its largest
faces. One of its vertical edges is in the picture plane and the longer face containing
that edge is inclined at an angle of 30 degree to the picture plane. The station point is
52mm in front of the picture plane, 35mm above the ground plane passing through
the centre of the block. Draw the perspective view of the block.

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