CUSAT Previous Question Papers BE CE 7th Semester Transportation Engineering May 2002

CUSAT Previous Question Papers BE CE 7th Semester

Transportation Engineering May 2002



(All questions carry equal marks)

I.  (a) How are roads classified in India? Draw a neat cross section of an urban arterial,

b) Briefly explain the engineering surveys needed for locating a new highway.


II.  a) Why is extra -widening needed on horizontal curves on pavements?

b) The radius of horizontal curve is 400 m, the total pavement width at curve is 7.7 m and the superelevation is 0.07. Design the transition curve for a speed of 100 kmph.


III. a) Explain the CBR method of pavement design. Discuss the advantages and limitations of this method.

b) List the various tests on bitumen. Explain how the penetration test in bitumen is conducted. What is use of this test?


IV a) Explain the venous types of joints in concrete pavements. Give the details of reinforcements that are required in a concrete pavement.

b) What are the various types of failure in flexible pavement? Explain the causes.


V  a) What are imaginary surfaces? Explain with neat sketches transitional surface and approach surface.

b) What is meant by basic runway length? Explain the procedure of determining the actual runway length required at a particular site.


VI a) Write an explanatory note on how the subsurface drainage is designed for an airport, b) What do you understand by the term “ gate positions “? Sketch the typical layout of an airport showing runways, taxiways, aprons, gate positions, terminal building and other important installations for a single runway.


VII a) Explain how the surveys for alignment, transferring centre line and grade into tunnel are carried out.

b) Name the different methods of soft ground tunneling and explain any one method in detail.


VIII a) What is meant by mucking? Give a detailed layout of arrangements for efficient removal of muck.

b) List various factors, which determine the size and shape of tunnels.


IX  Write short notes on any FOUR

a)   PIEV theory

b)  Curve resistance and compensation in gradient

c)  Mud pumping

d)  Flash and fire point of bitumen

e)  Airport reference temperature

f)  Balanced field concept.

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