CUSAT Previous Question Papers BE CE 7th Sem Transportation Engineering March 2003

CUSAT Previous Question Papers BE CE 7th Semester

Transportation Engineering March 2003


I. (a) Explain briefly the various surveys to be conducted to select a highway alignment.

(b) Define the term sight distance. Derive an equation for calculating the safe passing sight distance for a design speed of V kmph.


(a) What are the purpose of providing a transition curve? List the types of transition curves adopted and discuss about the ideal type for highways.

(b) Explain briefly the factors controlling the design of horizontal and vertical curves in highways.

III. (a) List the desirable properties of road aggregates. Explain aggregate impact test and give its specifications.

(b) What is meant by penetration grade bitumen? Name the tests normally conducted on bitumen and give the uses of each test,


IV. (a) Distinguish between rigid and flexible pavements. List their merits and demerits.

(b) What are the causes of failure of rigid pavements? Suggest remedial measures.


V. (a) Discuss the various factors to be considered in the site selection of an airport.

(b) The length of a mnway under standard condition is 1900m. The airport site is at an elevation of 360m, with its reference temperature 31.5°C. The runway has gradients of +0.5%, -1%, +0.8% and +0.2% between distances 0 to 600,600 to 900,900 to 1400, 1400 to 2400 metres respectively. Determine the corrected length.


VI. (a) Give a brief account of factors to be given importance while designing taxiways and aprons.

(b) Sketch neatly the lay out of an airport with two parallel runways indicating all its component parts.


VII. (a) List the requirement of an ideal sleeper.

(b) What is meant by sleeper density? Give the standard sleeper density for different gauges adopted in India.

(c) Discuss the advantages of welding rails.


VIII. (a) What are the different methods of tunneling in hard rock? Explain any one method. (12) (b) List the factors determining the size and shape of tunnels.


IX. Write short notes on any four of the following:

(i)  Tunnel ventilation

(ii) Special measures for high speed railway track

(iii) Parking configuration for aircrafts

(iv) Creep of rails

(iv) Gradient and Grade compensation for roads

(v)  Extra widening on horizontal road curves.

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