CUSAT Previous Question Papers BE CE 5th Sem Transportation Engineering-I June 2011

CUSAT Previous Question Papers BE CE 5th Semester

Transportation Engineering-I June 2011


I. (a) Explain the classifications of highways in detail.

(b) Which are the factors controlling the alignment of roads? Explain.


II.  (a) Write short notes on camber and stopping sight distance.

(b) Calculate the length of transition curve using the data.

Design speed = 65kmph.

Radius of circular curve = 220m

Allowable rate of introduction of super elevation

(pavement rotated about the center line) = 1 in 150.

Pavement width including extra widening = 7.5m


III. (a) Which are the various vehicle characteristics which affect the design and traffic performance? Explain.

(b) Explain the traffic volume study in detail.


IV. Write notes on:

(i) carriage way markings.

(ii) traffic islands

(iii) traffic signals

V. (a) Which are the desirable properties of road aggregates?

(b) Explain the types and causes of failures in flexible pavements.


VI. (a) What are the differences between flexible and rigid pavements?

(b) Explain the design of flexible pavement by CBR method.


VII. (a) Explain the aircraft characteristics which affect the planning and design of highways.

(b) Write notes on zoning laws and approach surfaces.


VIII.   (a) Explain in detail the runway configuration.

(b) The length of runway under standard condition is 1700m. The airport site has an elevation of 300m. Its reference temperature is 32°. If the runway is to be constructed with an effective gradient of 0.2%, find the corrected runway length.


IX. (a) What are the factors controlling the size and number of gate positions? Explain.

(b) Explain with a neat sketch how an aircraft lands under instrumental landing system.


X.  (a) Which are the facilities to be required in the terminal building?

(b) Which are the different systems of aircraft parking? Explain.

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