CUSAT Previous Question Papers BE CE 5th Sem (Supplementary) Transportation Engineering-I June 2011

CUSAT Previous Question Papers BE CE 5th Semester

(Supplementary) Transportation Engineering-I June 2011





(Answer all questions)

I. a) What are the factors controlling the alignment of roads?

b) Distinguish between flexible and rigid pavements and draw the cross section of a flexible and rigid pavement.

c)  Explain any five aircraft characteristics.

d) Explain various aircraft parking systems.

e)  What are the different rail failures?

f)  Explain the methods of mechanical ventilation for tunnel.

g)  What are the classifications of harbours based on utility?

h) Explain floating type of dry docks.


II.  a) Derive the expression for overtaking signal distance for a two way road

b)  A National highway passing through rolling terrian in heavy rainfall area has a horizontal curve of radius 500m. Design the length of transition curve assuming suitable data.


III. a) Explain with specifications various tests conducted to check the quality of bitumen.

b) Explain the CBR method of flexible pavement design


IV. a) What are the factors to be considered for airport site selection? b) Explain windrose diagrams.


V. a) Explain the assumption made for the calculation of Basic runway length.

b) The length of runway under standard condition is 1620m. The airport site has an elevation of 270m. Its reference temperature is 32.94°c. If the runway is to be constructed with an effective gradient of 0.2 per cent, determine the corrected runway length.


VI. a) Explain the causes of wear and suitable measures to reduce the effect of wear on rails.

b) Explain coning of wheels.


VII. a) Explain with figure how centre line of a tunnel is transferred. b) Explain any one method of tunneling through soft soil.


VIII. Explain functions and necessity of different types of Breakwaters.


IX. a) Explain slipways.

b) Explain with figure working of a dipper dredger.

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