CUSAT Exam Papers Communication Engineering May 2006

CUSAT Communication Engineering Question Paper May 2006

B. Tech Degree IV Semester (Suppl

ementary) Examination

May 2006 

IT/CS 405


(1998 Admissions)

3 Hours                                                                                                                                                                                           Maximum Marks

(a)                                      Explain the need for modulation.

(b)                                     Define AM, derive the equation for AM wave, draw the wave and spectrum.

(c)                                      Draw the circuit diagram of a AM modulator.


(a)                                     Compare AM and FM.

(b)                                     Explain the block diagram of FM modulator.

(c)                                      Explain phase shifer method for the generation of SSB.

(a)                                      Explain High level and low level modulator, give one example each.

(b)                                     I aw the block diagram of FM receiver.


(a)                                      Explain the working of a SSB Transmitter, compare its performance with DSB Transmission.

(b)                                     Explain the block diagram of (SB Transmitter.

(a)                                     Explain various types of FM waves also mention their applications.

(b)                                     Define – (i) radiation resistance (ii) directivity.


(a)                                      W hat is meant by radiation pattern of an antenna, discuss various types?

(b)                                    (i) Differentiate between Half wave dipole and Quarter wave monopole.

(ii) Define beam width and impedance of an antenna.

(a)                                      Explain PAM with neat sketches.

(b)                                     What is meant by Shannon’s theorem.

(c)                                      Explain TDM.


(a)                                      Explain the block diagram of PCM.

(b)                                     Write short notes on error correction and detection codes.

(a)                                      List the advantages and disadvantages of fiber optic communication.

(b)                                     Explain the general block diagram of satellite communication. Briefly explain each individual blocks.


(a)                                      E: plain various types of fiber structures with neat sketch.

(b)                                    E ‘plain various types of satellites used for communication.

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